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Hey there! My name is Courtenay Kasper. I have been a bookworm and storyteller since I was a kid. Somewhere along the way, I decided to start writing my adventure tales down. I  write adventures stories to ask the “what if” questions, to write solid Christian books for middle grade and YA readers, and to find myself in fantastical locations in my mind. Thanks for coming along with me!



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West & Windy (A Fox Gears Adventure, Book 1) (2018) – Heirs to a broken kingdom, two young foxes journey across land and sea to rescue their parents from cruel Bruin captors. This steampunk quest follows the journey of siblings, West and Windy, as they discover truth, faith, and hope along the way.

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The Rigs – (2016) – When Cora’s curiosity causes her to chase down the mysterious noise in her Floating City (Rig), she is swept into a world she doesn’t believe exists. Can Bardsong redeem himself for kidnapping her? Can they work together to save both their worlds? This captivating tale is set 100 years after the polar ice caps have melted, everyone lives on rigs, and the mainland is no longer livable, or is it?

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The Thunder Creek Gang – (2018) – Eleven-year-old Ridge Jones and his twin sister Libby discover their Grandpa is not the sheriff they thought he was, launching them on an 1800’s wild, gold rush journey from Cache Creek to Barkerville. The twins– scared spitless of outlaws– Rusty Roy, Bad Barry, and their hilariously useless gang of train robbers– must race to Barkerville before it’s too late to save their family. A wild west adventure with hope, faith, and a sassy goat, this short story is sure to give you a good laugh and hope in hard times!

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Here There Be Griffons (Beyond the North Wind Cycle, Book 1) (2019) – When 12-year-old Molybdenum McTavish finds a griffon’s egg in her grampa’s towing yard she is thrown into a whirlwind adventure that takes her beyond the north wind and off her own map. Moly must find out who she is and who she can trust before the last of the griffons is brutally murdered and the people of Hyperborea made slaves. Can a girl and her newly-hatched Tiger griffon take down a horde of one-eyed Arim before it’s too late?

Coming in Summer 2019