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Want your Puppy to stop chewing things? Here’s How!

Charlie has been pretty good about not chewing things that he shouldnt but the other day he found an edge of exposed drywall and went to town on it! yuck! Aside from it wrecking the house, it isnt good for him!

We used Cinnamon Oil a couple times on it, but a drop at a time doesnt cover enough area, so today I mead a spray with a few other oils to get him to leave it alone! And…He Hates it. So it works!

I grabbed a little spray bottle and my stash and got creating!


10 Drops Cinnamon
5 Drops Ginger
10 Drops Cardamom
5 Drops Lemon
1/2 Tsp Witch Hazel
Fill the rest with water.

Shake before using and spray the whole area you are trying to get him to leave alone. Also, hubby thinks I made a super nice room spray! haha!

I wouldnt use this to get a dog to stop licking its paws though, since there are hot oils in it.

Sometimes your beloved pets get owies. It wasn’t even something I had thought of when getting first aid supplies! The animals might need first aid too! Get my FREE Doggy First Aid Kit Checklist

I didn’t chew nothin Mama….

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Free Bible Oils Webinar

I love chatting all things Bible and all things Oils, so combine the two and I am there! I taught a class last week that turned out to be perfect for putting together as a webinar. I want to share some of my stories about my trip to Israel a few years ago.

It was absolutely a life-altering trip. Being in Israel brings the Bible into full colour! You can see where Jesus walked on water and even swim there. You can smell the aromatic plants. You can run your fingers through the desert sand and pray you are obedient and don’t have to live in the desert for 40 years! I’m not even 40 yet, that would be my whole life!

You can also feel the emotions caught up in a land where there is seldom peace. Truly, although the north of Israel was being bombed while we were there, I felt 100% safer than I ever feel in Vancouver. It was a very cool feeling.

Plus, the food! Oh right…remind hubby to make more hummus! Pronto! I could have hummus and pita EVERY SINGLE DAY for breakfast. It is soooo much better in Israel though. Hubs is perfecting his recipe and it is getting yummier and yummier, so I’ll share that with you whenever he decides it’s ready. There were these pastries in the Old City of Jerusalem and they were like a combo donut and bagel! What?! So good. Now I’m hungry…

In this season of Christmas, I thought it would be perfect to share this class with you! It was an incredible trip and I think you will enjoy learning some about oil presses in ancient Israel and both the practical and historical uses for the oils of the Bible!

Free Bible Oils Webinar Here!

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Recipe: Raindrop RollerBall

Raindrop Technique is an incredibly versatile massage and oil application. I learned to do the technique on the Northern Lights Farm in Fort Nelson.

Sometimes we cant set up the table and take an hour to relax and get or give a massage, so a rollerball is the next best bet. I definitely want these oils on my spine much more often.

So throw this roller together for a powerpunch of awesome!

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My Stories – Heartburn must go!

My Stories – Heartburn Testimonial.

I had never had heartburn before my darling second daughter was born, but then OH THE BURN! I would snarf tums down all day and have no relief, so I would end up pacing around and being miserable. I soooo wish I had YL in my life back then, but I do now!

I hoped that with the arrival of our little miss, I wouldn’t have heartburn anymore, but that was a switch that wasn’t about to go off any time soon. From that point on I got used to carrying tums and avoiding my favourite food – Pizza!

So here we are a few years later and I kick off my essential oil journey with Digize! I did not love the smell, but boy oh boy did I love that one drop in water killed the heartburn monster! This is an oil worth carrying with you, for sure.

Then I discovered one of my favourite products. Alkalime!! You can get it like a powder or in little packages and it is a game changer. It settles any upset stomach and heartburn so fast.

I was supposed to write this up yesterday, but I ran out of time. Turned out to be a good thing because I could add to this better. Last night we had an amazing meal made by my personal chef AKA Hubs. It was Black bean burgers and all of us agreed we would actually choose it over regular burgers! Buuuut the yumminess of garlic and spiciness and ketchup made for a rough evening! Alkalime to save the day! I added a teaspoon of the powder to a glass with a little bit of water in it. NOTE: if you are a genius like me you will think the little sachets of Alkalime look like the ones you put in water bottles to make them yummy…This causes an unfortunate explosion of foam…duh..

Most of the time my go-to is EssentialZyme before meals that might hurt or are heavy, then Alkalime if I need it after. Digize is a good back up and we usually have it in a rollerball to put on your stomach if it’s yucky. Good to go!

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Recipe: Quick Body Oil

We did a unit study for homeschool on Egypt and one of the topics was embalming mummys. It suggested we make an infused oil, so of course we decide to make something more useful (we don’t do much for embalming these days, lol) Little Man always needs lots of “Loash” as he calls it. He cracks me up. So, we made the most basic body oil

Get a jar and fill it with Solid Coconut oil – Melt it in a sink of hot water in the jar (not adding the water – to clarify this)

Then add in 10-20 drops of whichever oil you like

Little man chose Lavender, Black Spruce and Lemon

Cupcake chose only Lavender

Miss Comedian chose Lavender, Black Spruce, Orange and Lemon – This one was my favourite.

You can use this for daily moisturizing and even as lip balm! It takes less than 10 minutes to put it together so it’s a fun one to make with kids even!

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Be a Friend

This week, I am going through a series on being the #Mompreneur you were created to be. It is split into 4 Parts. Be a Creator, A Leader, A Storyteller, and A Friend.

Be who you were created to be; A Friend! If this is you then you can know that who you are is shown in the people you encourage. You have the amazing ability to bring people together, make them feel welcome, lift up the downcast, and love on people.

You need to note, that being a good friend does not necessarily mean you have a million friends – even on Facebook. But being a good friend means that the friendships you have a quality friendships. They require work, effort, understanding and often you will find you feel like you are being the better friend. That might make you feel a bit lonely even, but it’s ok. It is a good place to be. Kindness, compassion, and encouragement will always win.

You have an amazing opportunity to encourage others. When you build people up, people will listen! The Key to being a good friend is perseverance. Friendship isnt for a few monites or days. It is a long term thing. One thing I want to make sure you know – shouldering others burdons does not mean carrying them by yourself! You cant! That will be a weight that crushes you. It is ok to care for someone without carrying all their tough stuff.

Here are some great resources for you if you need help with Friendship!

You have to know the difference between Empathy and Sympathy!!
Brené Brown – Empathy

“You want a sandwich?” lol! Just wait until the next time someone offers you a sandwich!

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Be a Leader

This week, I am going through a series on being the #Mompreneur you were created to be. It is split into 4 Parts. Be a Creator, A Leader, A Storyteller, and A Friend.

Be who you were created to be; A Leader! If this is you then you can know that who you are is shown in the people who follow you and the words you inspire with. You have the amazing ability to create momentum in peoples lives. You can guide, encourage, and bring boldness and courage into peoples lives.

Some of you are natural leaders. Some are leaders by default. And some are aspiring leaders. Those are all noble things to be.

You have an amazing opportunity to inspire others. When you share and give ideas people will listen! The Key to being a good Leader is Servant Leadership. The more you are “all about you” the less people will follow. The more you are “about others” the larger the audience you will have.

Here are some great resources for you if you need help with Leading!


John C. Maxwell
Dale Carnegie
Franklin Covey
Bob Heilig


Udemy, Teachable, Martha Krejci, Youtube,

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Be a Storyteller

This week, I am going through a series on being the #Mompreneur you were created to be. It is split into 4 Parts. Be a Creator, A Leader, A Storyteller, and A Friend.

Be who you were created to be; A Storyteller! If this is you then you can know that who you are is shown in the stories you tell. You have the amazing ability to draw people into what is on your heart. You can weave words together into a beautiful tapestry so well that others begin to see themselves woven in.

I have always been a story teller. Isn’t that cool — you can be more than one thing! I am a Creator too, but I am a storyteller at heart. Y’all know who you are. Like me, you were in trouble for talking too much in class or exaggerating to make your story funnier.

You have an amazing opportunity to carry others with you. When you tell a story or share a testimonial, people will listen. We were all created to understand storys.

Here are some great resources for you if you need help with storytelling!

Storytelling Digitally:

Adobe InDesign, Canva, Scrivener(I use Scriv to outline and write most of my books), or you can use regular Word or Pages.

Where to put your stories

WordPress, Get Oiling, Medium and of cource Facebook or Instagram


Udemy, Teachable, Martha Krejci, Youtube,